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Real Estate Leads Delivered

Straight to Your Mobile or Inbox.

Delivering high quality leads to real estate investors across the country.



High Quality Leads

Our leads are high quality and exclusive meaning, they are sold only to you.  Each lead provides available names, address, email, phone, assessed values, and much much more.  We don't obtain leads from Craigslist, MLS or internet leads like some others out there.  Our leads are obtained from highly targeted direct mail, direct phone calls, hand harvested lists, and our mobile application network providing leads in very specific categories investors are seeking.  Additionally, we focus on your areas of interest and target leads specific to your wants.  To be clear, some of these leads are practically deals waiting for you, not just a form someone filled out online.



Hand Harvested Lists

JSD Leads provides hand harvested lists that can be extraordinarily difficult to obtain for most people.  These lists may be bought, sorted, appended for phone numbers and even appended for email addresses.  Our lists include but aren't limited to code violation lists, vacant property lists, hand harvested absentee owners, sewer & water lien lists, probate lists and more.  With our targeted marketing services, we will, of course, use these to your advantage in your marketing campaign but a premium is charged for them if you are not a client.


Targeted Marketing Done For You

You can choose to elect our team to market for you in any fashion you deem.  JSD has the ability to handle email marketing, direct mail, phone calls, email marketing, landing pages and much more.  It can be 100% tailored to your budget, goals, and region.  If you choose this path a team member will reach out to you and go over your goals and targets to create a custom solution just for you to increase your deal count.  This is our most popular option for clients to date.


JSD Leads

JSD Leads

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Many investors are looking for their next property deal and many are simply looking for consistency.  Our goal here is really simple, provide the best quality leads possible and services alongside those leads to help real estate investors close more deals and buy more properties, that's it!


We do this for investors no matter where they are searching by working with them to create a custom and adaptable marketing solution to generate leads for them.  Our team directly works with the leads to give them a warm welcome to the investors who are clients.  The level of customization that we can provide you is astounding.



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