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Want your next deal?

Are You Looking For Any of These?...

-Owner Finance Leads
-Rehab Properties
-Short Sales
-All Off Market Leads
-Owner Looking to Sell
-Motivated Seller
-Owner Looking For Management
-Lease Option Homes
-Land Deals
-Code Violation Properties
-Tax Liens
-Absentee Leads
-Custom Found Leads

If you are serious about your investing career and would like to explore what we have for lists or leads in your area then we prefer you call, chat or email us so we can see exactly what you are looking for and fill you in on what we have based on your needs.  If you are more interested in having us build a marketing strategy for you that is 100% turnkey and run by our team, we request that you set up a time that works for you to chat by phone as this is more in depth.  Even if you want to simply inquire more about it, we still ask you set up a phone call.  Again, you can call in (even leave a message), text, chat or email a good time that works for you and so someone from our team can chat with you.  This isn't a sales tactic nor will it be some high-pressure sales call, it is to simply learn about your goals and how we can help you reach them.

Call, Email, Text or Chat With Us!


Call or Text: 207-209-4703


Chat: Lower Right Hand Corner of Screen


For those of you still looking to maybe test the waters a bit without a phone call worried about someone pressuring you into buy, even though that isn't us, below are some entry-level services that a lot of investors find very helpful and cost-effective.  We really like to be the "YES" company and help investors with tasks small and large to help them better their business.  Even though we are superb at finding high quality leads tailored to each individual investor/real estate organization, we can still assist them with small yet important tasks.




-Full Property Reports
-Code Lists

-Absentee Lists

-Vacant Lists
-Phone Numbers For Lists

-Emails For Lists
-Micro Mail Campaigns 

-Handwritten Envelopes

-Handwritten Letters
-Landing Page Website
-Ad Placement on Our Email Campaigns
-Custom Marketing Letters

-Single Lead Purchases
-Work Leads For You
Call & Email Your Database
-Track Down Leads/Addresses
-Property Evaluation 
-Private Money Lender List
-Funnel Calls to Us For Us to Screen



Want to browse on your own?  That's more than okay, click below to look at some of what we have that you could get right away...


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